Local couple bringing new look to concrete

CTi features new technological advances

By Kristen Torgerson

News-Argus Staff Writer


Bringing a new look and style to Central Montana, Deb and Scott Petersen have laid a fresh chapter in their lives.

In June, the Petersen’s purchased Big Sky Cti (Concrete Technology incorporated) and have found themselves building a new and solid frontier.

The Petersen’s story began when they were visiting some of their good friends in California.

"Our friends had a paving company and when they retired they decided to go into Cti," Deb told the News-Argus.

After they had shown Scott and Deb some of their work, how it was done and what was needed, the Petersen’s thought it might be a nice side business for them.

"Scott has always been a hands-on person and he enjoys doing labor-type work," Deb said. "So we decided we would give it a try."

In order to be an authorized dealer, both Scott and Deb attended a school in California.

Scott said that since beginning of Big Sky Cti, he and Deb have been busy but are definitely enjoying their new business venture.

"It is a lot of work," Scott said. "But it is the type of work that I can bring

my family along with me and it works for our schedule."

The Scott and Deb Petersen family includes their two children, seven-year-old Brad and three-year-old Kelcy.

"They really help us out," said Scott chuckling. "Really it is fun to be able to have the type of work where they can travel along with you."

Scott and Deb purchased the Montana distributorship with another man who is based in Missoula. He is responsible for the western portion of Montana while Scott and Deb have the eastern portion of the state.

"Basically what that means for us is we are responsible for supplying new dealers with the product," said Deb. "We are also responsible for recruiting new dealers and training them."

Deb and Scott took their Big Sky Cti business recently and went to Missoula where they had a training session for 18 prospective dealers.

"It is a lot of fun too," said Deb. "You can’t imagine how great the product is and how quickly people are using it."

Scott said they believe in the product enough that have used it on their home.

"This is a great product for both residential and commercial properties," he said. "We are very pleased with the results we have done so far."

Some of the local projects Big Sky Cti have completed include the front of Flaments Office Supply, Doug and Jill’s house entrance, the entryway of the Yogo Inn, Petro Depot, Centennial Plaza, Dan and June Newton’s patio, Steve Balster’s home and Denise Thompson’s home.

"We have a wide variety of colors and tone from which people can choose," said Deb. "They have 20 stock colors but if you want a specialized color they will make a color-tone to match. All we need to do is send them a paint chip of the color you would like to match and it’s done.

The Petersen’s invite any interested or curious persons to look at the front of Flaments, the Yogo Inn and Centennial Plaza.

"We are proud of our work and we are sure that people will be impressed with this new product," said Deb.

"You and even give Scott and me a call and we will show you our home. We have taken pictures of each project we have done and we will be more than happy to sit down and show them to you."

The Cti motto is "Bringing design and beauty to concrete".

"What we do is go over the top of spaulded or cracked concrete or even new concrete," said Deb. "When we are working with cracked concrete we don’t just go over the cracks we repair and rebuild old concrete ensuring a strong base.

"The main thing is to make it decorative."

Deb said they have the ability to do logos.

"We need templates to do those types of projects," she said.

Scott mentioned that currently he and Deb are learning how to use the product indoors for kitchens and bathrooms. He also mentioned that the Cti system is a strong and durable.

"It provides a stain resistant, heat resistant freeze/thaw resistant surface."



Cementing a fresh look

  • Willoughby men bring new life to cement with firm’s artistic restoration

By Deborah Garofalo

News-Herald Business Writer


In today’s "throw-away" society, Classic Cti of Northeast Ohio offers money saving repair options for homeowners and corporations by renovating damaged concrete.

Neil Talevski and Tom Lauretta opened the business, which is a sister company to Classic Carpentry, owned by Talevski. The two businesses share the same theme of designing, repairing and remodeling.

Talevski wanted a partner for his new venture and turned to Lauretta, a friend since second grade. They lived within a half mile of each other growing up and attended the same elementary and high school.

They shared fun, mischief and punishments as well as their love of creating and working with their hands. Along with their families, both are now Willoughby residents.

"When I was picking up this side of the business, I wanted someone I could trust," Talevski said of Lauretta.

So far, their friendship has withstood the stresses of starting a new company.

While new to Ohio, cosmetic restoration of concrete has been an established practice in 1991 when Cti (Concrete Technology Inc.) opened in Largo.

Renovations as well as new applications are done with a color integrated, sand, cement and acrylic mixture that offers a 10 year warranty for residential applications and two years on commercial.

The Florida manufacturer is branching out by selling dealerships both in and outside the U.S., giving companies sole rights to advertising.

"We’ve had a great response so far," Lauretta said.

A promising outlet for customized concrete is inventory and warehouse storage. Rather than using painted lines and numbers on concrete, graphics can be implanted in the surface with Classic’s process.

"Unlike painted lines that last three to four weeks, the product we put down is so tough, tow motors can pull 1,000 pound skids over it and the numbers and lines are not damaged," Lauretta said.

With resistance to 6,000 pounds per square inch, "it is twice as strong as concrete," he said.

With a wide range of colors and designs and the opportunity to upgrade property value, Talevski said he hopes residential use with be just as popular as commercial.

Concrete has no guarantee, he said, but their product comes with a warranty against structural problems, staining and mildew.

According to Talevski, maintenance is as simple as soap and water and the process is USDA approved for the interior and exterior of restaurants.

"The process totally seals the concrete," Lauretta said. "It’s no longer porous."

Other markets open to custom designed concrete include company logos on walkways and in showrooms as well as school logos on sidewalks and in stadiums.

"We have a non-slip surface and our product is 40 percent cooler on your feet when it gets hot," Talevski said, adding that it is ideal for public and private swimming pools.

The non-slip surface attracted Tom LaPuma of Chester Township to have a ramp resurfaced at his home.

"It came out nice," LaPuma said, adding that he was very pleased with the look.

He had his home sidewalk done in a cobblestone finish and he is considering having the logo of his Mayfield business, LaPuma Fine Pastry, designed into the sidewalk there.

Both owners attended school for two months at the Cti headquarters in Florida to learn the application process and structural repair of concrete.. Differences in applications techniques allow for changes in surface texture, color and design.

"We’re concrete restoration specialists," Lauretta said. "Our main goal is to repair the concrete. Our product is only as good as the concrete it’s on top of."

With endless customization options, Lauretta said, they can match any décor.

"I’ve created all kinds of designs," he said. "One I got from a picture in a quilting book."



CTI’s Filling In Cracks, Paving The Way, & Bringing Design & Beauty To Concrete

By E. Kimker

"This business has been real rewarding," remarked Forest "Rex" Pingleton, Dealer of Unique Surface and Design, LLC, with Concrete Technology Incorporated (CTI). "It satisfies customers; really makes them happy."

Pingleton is referring to a system which resurfaces and designs concrete by utilizing a modified acrylic resin, cement spray coat combination (a color integrated, modified acrylic mixed with portland cement and polymer, that is activated with a modified acrylic resin).

This process is excellent for covering areas such as: driveways, walks, pool decks, balconies, vertical surfaces, as well as commercial and industrial floor restorations where industrial topcoat is required. In addition, logos for businesses can be created.

CTI’s systems achieve a texture and color of any type stone or look you require. A base coat is applied that fixes any imperfections in the original concrete. A design is then laid over it and a hopper gun shoots a textured layer over that. A final clear coat is put over the system that is nonporous and protects it, as well as makes it very easy to maintain. Mold, mildew, motor oil, etc., can be used to remove though or repetitive latencies.

In repairing cracks that often arise in concrete, Pingleton explained that "first, the concrete is pre-washed, and repairs are made to the cracks and any spoiling; second, a thin, skim coat is put down that absorbs into the concrete; third, the desired pattern that the customer would like to have (stone, brick, etc.) is taped out; fourth, the concrete is sprayed with polymer and resins mixed with Portland cement (a high-grade cement); fifth, an acrylic sealer is applied for protection; and then it’s done. This system makes the concrete twice as strong."

Pingleton went on to state that a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty is offered against fading, delamination, and regular product failure. He firmly stands behind all of his work. Pingleton, the CTI dealer for this area, has always had satisfied customers. "We do a really great service to them."

If you replace your concrete, you will be paying the cost of rip-out, removal, forming, and pouring concrete. This takes larger equipment than the CTI Concrete System, which usually causes damage to landscaping. When completed, you will have new concrete that will stain, absorb oil stains, can be damaged by salts, and have a strength of about 3,000 to 4,000 PSI.

Repairing concrete with CTI Concrete System will strengthen the existing concrete to 7,000 PSI, resist stains, oil spills, and salt damage. Additionally, it can be designed and will add value to your home, while making an attractive presentation of your concrete surfaces.

An average job will take one to three days, depending on the condition of the concrete. If new concrete is poured as part of the repair or enlargement process, the CTI Concrete System cannot be applied for at least seven days.

The cost of the CTI system is normally 20-25 percent less than the cost of removing cement and pouring new, and is much better looking and much easier to maintain than the original cement. Also, CTI offers 13 standard colors and 13 highlight colors which allows for different color combinations to choose from.

The CTI manufacturing facility has been producing resurfacing products since 1968. Acrylic Resurfacing has been in use since the early 70s. Polymer was added to the process in the 80s, to provide a superior bonding process to add strength. In 1997, CTI was listed as number 419 out of the 500 fastest growing companies in the United States, and are now expected to reach into the top 100.

CTI---"Bringing Design and Beauty to Concrete."

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